5 Best highly compressed PSP games under 100 Mb

I have many games in my psp and play daily. Best part is that these are highly compressed psp games which allows me lesser the storage and internet usage(while downloading), more the fun.

The highly compressed file is best and people don’t want to waste their time downloading such large iso file of their favorite psp games. They always look for a short file named highly compressed files.

Today, I will give you some best highly compressed psp games under 100 MB that you can easily play on your PlaystationPortable. It will be very easy and fast to download these games and play on your psp.
Before we discuss these games:

Do highly compressed games work? Yes with no. This depends on the site and files that have been downloaded. Sometimes You find compressed video games from torrent. They normally work. But compressed games means 17gb game compressed to 9gb.   It depends upon on the extent of compression.   If a few websites give you highly compressed psp Games like 30 GB Game Compressed into 2gb or 3gb then it is fake.   Most likely video games are 20 GB Compressed into 10 or 12gb then it probably works.   And compression relies upon on the wide number of file video games contain on occasion files are crashed if you not well compressed or high compress the game.   If it is downloaded from a famous website and it is almost 2/3 rd of it is actual size, then it is most likely to work.

  Games that are highly compressed like 10 GB game compressed into much less than 1 GB, then it is surely fake.   So, ordinary they may works if the extent of compression is not too much( for ex-10 GB highly compressed psp games into f5–7 Gb is most likely to works) Here’s a true story:   My buddy downloaded GTA IV .The download length was: 4 GB(approx). After installing it’s far extracted to 8 GB(approx)    The game works very well. But… But the actual size of the game is a whole lot extra than 8 Gb, say 15 Gb. So, there are troubles.,like no cutscene audio, no TV programmes (in the game) and most importantly no multiplayer mode.    So, it works you’ll by no means get a 100% delight after playing the game. But beware of extremely compressed games saying, for example, “Download GTA 5 highly compressed 13mb(real size – 60gb)”…..It appears very appealing but in no way works. 

You may like: Play WWE 2k17 for PPSSPP on android   In fact, it can damage your PC and in the long run, they waste plenty of TIME!!! Your valuable time!


  • How can I know that it is not fake
  • Highly Compressed PSP Games that you must have
    • 1.God of war: Chains of Olympus
    • 2.Daxter
    • 3.Crisis core final fantasy vii
    • 4.GTA liberty city stories
    • 5.Burnout Legends

How can I know that it is not fake

  • Never download any highly compressed psp games from Blogspot like xyz.blogspot.com. They may work but in most cases not works well.
  • Download games from a few trustworthy sites.
  • While searching for video games make sure to look rip or repack like GTA v rip, GTA v repack and no longer for GTA v highly compressed.
  • Don’t get attracted with thumbnails and headings like “GTA 5 for 2 MB”

Today, In this article we will have look on some best highly compressed pspgames. I try to give games with 100 Mb but as I told you, I don’t wanna waste your time downloading the fake file so It can be bit larger than 100 Mb.  

Highly Compressed PSP Games that you must have

1.God of war: Chains of Olympus

God of War: Chains of Olympus is the fourth Part within the God of War Series, released for the PlayStation Portable in 2008. About game   Taking vicinity ten years before the unique God of War, Kratos is despatched on a venture to store the solar god Helios, as his absence is allowing the dream god Morpheus to position numerous different gods to sleep.    In the procedure, he discovers that the ones behind the kidnapping are Persephone, Queen of the Underworld, and the Titan Atlas, who scheme to use Helios’ power to break the Pillar of the World.  

I have already told how you can play god of war 2 psp iso and chains of Olympus ppsspp on android but It is not highly compressed.


Daxter is centered around the arena of the lovely orange ottsel made popular inside the Jak and Daxter franchise. The tale unfolds as Daxter searches for Jak, who was imprisoned at some point of the events that led to the start of “Jak II.”    Daxter, now on his person in an unusual area, speedy realizes that being small and bushy might not assist his possibilities of survival. 

  To help stamp out a mysterious metalbug infestation, Daxter takes on a task as a pest exterminator, allowing him to discover components of Haven City in an effort to accumulate the clues in an effort to lead him to Jak.  Download highly compressed Daxter game from below.

Must Read: Truth about Unblocked games 88 site   In this game:   Daxter permits gamers to play from his angle imparting a special set of moves with agile talents that allows gamers to climb walls, creep up on enemies, fit in small locations and maneuver vehicles.    Taking a job as a pest exterminator, to fight an ongoing invasion of metal-insects, Daxter comes to equip with devices to rid the town of those metal nuisances.    Get near up and private via using your flimsy bug swatter to squash a military of attacking bugs or your spray gun to hover around a ramification of environments at the same time as choosing up numerous enhancements.  

3.Crisis core final fantasy vii

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII achieves a putting stability of antique and new, and juggles fan service with natural position-gambling delight. It’s placing how those factors had been fashioned into such an appealing and emotionally affecting prequel.    There are some new characters and masses of fan favorites too, inclusive of Cloud, Tifa, and Aerith.This is my personal favorite game in the list of highly compressed psp games.   However, the characters you’re maximum probably to empathize with are not likely ones. including protagonist Zack, and Sephiroth, who is complicated,, and even every now and then likable.    I mostly liked:   The way their private tales weave in and out of every other–and set the degree for the events in Final Fantasy VII–makes Crisis Core now not simply the finest function-playing enjoy to be had on the PSP, but also one of the exceptional Japanese RPGs in years.

You need to download this psp game in 2 parts:   Download compressed Part 1: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EWg8Pnc6Kt07-JRSPa96KlDBOww1w8Zc/view Download compressed Part 2: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1z3ofo1MZb8iuWNZV1xrSJPLEhd42wKM6/view?usp=drivesdk  

4.GTA liberty city stories

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories is a wholly new game within the Grand Theft Auto collection and brings a mobile dimension to this epic experience.   The original storyline and all new missions take area in Liberty City, offering the interactive, open surroundings, voice expertise and various track which have become pioneering emblems of the collection.

Read also: Top 10 sites to play Unblocked games 99   You may be familiar with this game so don’t waste your time telling you about this game. List of highly compressed psp games can’t be completed without this game.  

5.Burnout Legends

  How can we forget racing games? Burnout Legends is the best racing gamethat suits in the list of best highly compressed video games within 100 MB.   Burnout Legends is the simplest handheld-one-of-a-kind game in the Burnout collection and changed into launched on the same day as Burnout Revenge inNorth America. It is released for the PlayStation Portable on September 13, 2005, and the Nintendo DS on November 29, 2005.    The game capabilities a few of the tracks and gameplay modes from the primary 3 Burnout games repackaged for the hand-held layout. Much of the gameplay is much like Burnout 3: Takedown.   I have already written an article about best ppsspp racing games. If you are a fan of the racing game. I think you should check that article.    

These are top 5 best highly compressed psp games that I found which are really well compressed and are around 100 Mb. If you want any other of your favorite game highly compressed. Comment below. I will add the game in this post. 

Cool Instagram Captions Which Will Make Your Day (Mega List)

As we all know and also use Instagram as one of the most fun part of our life. Most of the Instagram community uploads photos and videos on a daily basis to keep their Instagram followers intact and entertained.

And I truly believe that Instagram is an amazing platform to reach more and more people and promote your personality as a profession or any other product or service.

But have your ever noticed something else which is as important as the content of your Instagram page?

I’m talking about Instagram captions. It enhances the impact of any photos or videos to a great level and helps you to add something of yours to the meaning of your content.

You would have or would not have realized till date that adding appropriate Instagram captions attached to your content is as important as anything else you do to attract people to your Instagram page. Appropriate Instagram caption can do wonders if your use the properly and let increase your Instagram followers from a significant margin.

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Some people have expertise in writing, and they kill it with their captions

Even a good caption can make your personal pic/video more classy.

Most of the time, we write captions like “Feeling Good”, “At blah blah place” etc but it doesn’t sound too good that’s why we have brought coolest captions of all time.

Here I have brought the best Instagram captions categorized in different categories to guide you to make your content even more effective using them.

Best Instagram Captions In Different Categories –

There are many different kinds of people on Instagram and all of them like different kind of Instagram captions. So there’s everything for everyone on the list.

Hindi Captions –

  • लोग आपको ग़लत बताते है तो आपकी ज़िम्मेदारी है की इसे सही साबित करके दिखाए!
  • अगर जिंदगी में सुकून चाहते हो तो लोगो की बातो को दिल से लगाना छोर दो।
  • कुछ भी असंभव नहीं . जो सोच सकते है, वो कर सकते है, और वो भी सोच सकते है जो आज तक नहीं किया।
  • जिंदगी आसान नहीं होती, इसे आसान बनाना पड़ता है…! कुछ ‘अंदाज’ से, कुछ ‘नजर अंदाज ‘से……!

  • ज़िन्दगी में कुछ फैसले बहुत सख्त होते हैं और यही फैसले ज़िन्दगी का रुख बदल देते हैं!
  • जहां दूसरों को समझाना मुश्किल हो जाए वहां खुद को समझाना लेना बेहतर होता है
  • भीड़ हमेशा आसन रस्ते पर चलती है, जरुरी नहीं वो सही है | अपने रस्ते खुद चुनिए, आपको आपसे बेहतर और कोई नहीं जनता।
  • परेशानी में कोई सलाह मांगे, तो सलाह के साथ अपना साथ भी देना, क्योकि सलाह गलत हो सकती है, साथ नहीं..!!

  • बादाम खाने से उतनी अक्ल नहीं आती, जितनी धोखा खाने से आती है।
  • अच्छी किताबे, और अच्छे लोग तुरंत समाज में नहीं आते, उन्हें पढ़ना पड़ता है।
  • प्यार से भागना आपको चोट से नहीं बचाता, वो दर असल प्यार पाने से रोकता है।
  • ज़ीन्दगी बदलने के लिए लड़ना पडता हे, ओर आसान करने के लिए समझना पड़ता है।

  • डिग्री ना होना फायदेमंद भी है, डिग्री वाले एक ही काम करते है| जिनके पास डिग्री नहीं वो कुछ भी कर सकते है।
  • रिश्ता दिल से होना चाहिए, शब्दों से नहीं, नाराजगी शब्दों में होनी चाहिए, दिल में नहीं!
  • दुनिया के लिया आप शायद सिर्फ़ एक शख्स हों, लेकिन किसी शख्स के लिए आप उसकी सारी दुनिया है।
  • कामयाब लोग अपने फैसले से दुनिया बदल देते है, और नाकामयाब लोग दुनिया के दर से अपने फैसले बदल लेते है।

  • बीच रास्ते से लौटने का कोई फायदा नहीं, लौटने पर भी उतनी ही दूरी तय करनी पड़ेगी जितनी दूरी तय कर लक्ष्य तक पहुच सकते है।
  • ठोकरें खा कर भी ना संभले तो मुसाफ़िर का नसीब, वरना पत्थरों ने तो अपना फर्ज़ निभा ही दिया ।
  • पिता की दौलत पर क्या घमंड करना, मज़ा तो तब है..जब दौलत अपनी हो और घमंड पिता करे I
  • चलने से कदमों के निशान हो जाते हैं, रास्ते कठिन से आसान हो जाते है, चढ़ाई का मत देखो एवरेस्ट को देखो, चढ़ने वाले एक दिन आसमान हो जाते हैं।
  • जब एक ही जोक पर दोबारा नहीं हंसते, तो एक ही दुख पर भी दोबारा परेशान नहीं होना चाहिए।

Hinglish Quotes (Hindi+English) –

  • Aap lehro ko to rokh nahi sakte, par terna sikh sakte hai.
  • Zindagi me ese naam karo… ke parda girne ke bad bhi taliya bajti rahe.
  • Aansu humari ankho ki ked me the, Bas teri yaad aye or inhe zamanat mil gai.
  • Paas aaye.. Dooriyaan phir bhi kam naa hui.

  • Zindagi Rude Hai Toh Kya Hua. Hum Bhi Toh Dude Hai.
  • Meri Girlfriend bhi iPhone 10 jaisi hai, Abhi tak launch hi nahi huwi.
  • Hath pe ghadi koyi bhi Badi ho lekin waqt apna hona chahiye.
  • Bikne wale bahot hai, Jao Kharid lo, Par hum ‘Kimat’ se nhi ‘Kismat’ se mila karte hai.
  • Khelne De Unko Jab Tak Jee Na Bhar Jaye Unka, Mohabat 4 Din Ki Thi To Shounk Kitne Din Ka Hoga.
  • Dil Cheer ke Dekh Tera hi Naaa Hoga.
  • Stay संस्कारी.
  • Sabka Bura time aata hai.. Tera me laungaa.
  • Zindagi Dhoop Hai, Aur Tu Mera Saaya.

Selfie Captions –

  • Behind every successful selfie, there are 100 deleted selfies.
  • I look more cool in my selfies.
  • God is really creative, I mean just look at me.
  • Every perfect selfie needs a perfect camera.
  • Selfie maine leli aaj 😛

  • Smile, life is beautiful.
  • This selfie is approved by the University of Selfie.
  • If I got 200 likes on this selfie, I would delete it.
  • Warning – You will fall in love with in face.
  • Sending your selfies to NASA because you’re a star.

  • OMG, look at me.
  • Photobomb me at your own Risk.
  • A Smile a day keep problems away.
  • Smile, its confuses people.
  • If you have eyes, look at me now.

  • Taking Selfies should be declared As The Best Time pass.
  • Selfie लेने वालों के हाथ कानुन से भी लम्बे होते है|
  • जिसका कोई नही होता, उसकी सेल्फ़ी होती है|
  • Hell is a room where the wallpapers are all your failed selfies.
  • Lighting is just the flash on gods camera when he’s taking selfies.

  • Proof that I can do selfies better than you.
  • Keep my selfie today. In future, you should have to pay for one.
  • Behind every beautiful selfie, there is editing, editing and editing.
  • This is my simple selfie life.

For daily selfie uploaders –

  • Super Sunday, Mast Monday, Terrific Tuesday, Wow Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, Freaky Friday and Silly Saturday.

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Funny Captions –

  • I need a six month holiday, twice a year.
  • This selfie is awarded as best of the universe by Nasa.
  • You came to look at my pic, LOL.
  • When nothing goes right, go left instead!
  • I am not lazy, I am just in energy saving mode.
  • Onions make me sad. A lot of people don’t realize that.
  • If I was funny, I would have a good Instagram caption.
  • Friday, my second favorite F word.
  • Who needs television when there is so much drama on Instagram.
  • Save water – Drink beer.
  • I am jealous of my parents… I will never have a kid as cool as theirs.
  • We are WTF generation…. WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook.
  • I and my wife lived happily for 25 years and then we met.
  • One day, I’m gonna make the onions cry.
  • That awkward moment when the awkward moment gets even more awkward.
  • Sleep till you’re hungry… Eat till you’re sleepy
  • “Insert funny caption”.
  • Marriage is the cause of divorce.
  • Being famous on Instagram is like being rich on Monopoly.
  • Everything gets hotter when the Sun gets down.
  • Life is Short – Like Fast!

Cool Captions –

  • Start by changing your thoughts; finish by changing your life.
  • Just because you’re awake doesn’t mean you should stop dreaming.
  • I am hot dude with cool attitude.
  • No, I’m not feeling violent, I’m feeling creative with weapons.
  • Muscles Under Construction.
  • If nobody hates than you are doing something boring.
  • I didn’t choose the thug life, the thug life chose me.
  • Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.
  • Coins always make sound but the currency notes are always silent! that’s why I’m always calm and silent.
  • I hate people who steal my ideas before I think of them.
  • I will kill you with my awesomeness.
  • I’ll never try to fit in. I was born to STAND OUT.
  • God created this world in 7 days, and it took 9 months to create me so I am clearly a big deal.
  • You have to be odd to be number one.
  • Know yourself, know your worth.
  • I am cool but summer days make me hot.
  • Take my advice, I don’t use it.
  • I am not short, I am just concentrated AWESOME.
  • Be what you want to be, not what other want to see.
  • If you want to impress me go take a token and stand in line.
  • Life is not perfect, but my hair is.
  • Who’s that cute person? Oh, I clicked on my profile again.
  • Go Big Or Go Home.
  • You couldn’t handle me even if I came with instructions.

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Love Captions –

  • I gave her my heart, but she wanted my soul.
  • Life is an art of drawing without an eraser.
  • One love, one heart.
  • People say you can’t live without love, but I think oxygen is more important.
  • With You, I forget all my problems. With You, Time Stands Still.
  • I broke my own heart just by loving you.
  • Let’s celebrate with a toast and get lost in tonight.
  • You the best I ever had.
  • I lost my Heart Can Anybody See?
  • Love isn’t complicated, people are.
  • Let us get lost in the sunset together.
  • I must destroy you with hugs and kisses.
  • Everything I have, I gave to you.
  • Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars.
  • If I had my life again, I will find you sooner.
  • I love you like a love song.
  • I wanna hurt you just to hear you screaming my name.
  • Love is Old, Love Is New, Love Is All, Love Is You.
  • The moon, the stars are nothing without you.
  • You complete me.
  • Your love was handmade for somebody like me.
  • I hate all alphabets… but I love “U”.
  • An ugly personality destroys a pretty face.

Cute Captions –

  • We all shine on.
  • It’s cute when your crush’s crush is you.
  • Every day I look at the keyboard, and I always see U and I together.
  • Collect moments, not things.
  • Can I film you while you sleep? You are so cute!
  • There is a hole in my heart where you use to be.
  • All of the Gods creations, his best Creation work was you.
  • I walk a million miles, for one of your smiles.??
  • Distance and time do not matter when you are in my heart.
  • You are the promise of God to me that my future is in good hands.
  • You’re the last thing on my mind before I fall asleep.
  • Time can never change my feelings for you.
  • Life is a party, but without you there is no reason to celebrate.
  • I generally stay busy, but whenever I pause you’re on my mind.
  • I never really think of future because I already have you by my side.
  • When two people share their sorrows together all they get back is satisfaction and happiness.
  • A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T V W X Y Z Whats missing?
  • 7 billion smiles in this world but your smile is my favorite.
  • I am a broken crayon…!!! But I can still fill your life with color.
  • Every time you texts me my cheeks hurt! I guess I smile too big.
  • Always remember to smile because you never know who is falling in love with your smile.
  • Your eyes are the sweetest stars I’ve ever seen.
  • None of my wishes have come true. Can I borrow yours?

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Some Other Good Instagram captions –

  • Luck comes when you decided to be lucky.
  • Don’t try to fix something that isn’t broken.
  • The secret to a rich life is to have more beginnings than endings.
  • My autobiography is this.
  • Weekend, please don’t leave me
  • I’m here for a good time not a long time.
  • I had fun once, it was horrible
  • If I was funny, I would have a good Instagram caption
  • The problem with troubleshooting that the trouble shoots back.
  • Bombs don’t kill people, the explosion does.

Captions keep your audiences intact with your uploaded content, and I personally believe and witnessed most of the times that without captions a full-fledged video or photo seems incomplete and doesn’t leave the mark to the audience.

How to write perfect Instagram captions –

I have tried to create the best captions in the article, but you can create your own.

Try to be more creative to create unthinkable captions which can impress anyone.

Your caption should be virtually connected to your content. If you do so then your content can stab the hearts of your followers and your Instagram account/page will witness phenomenal response.

Whenever you try to upload and share anything not on just Instagram but at any other social media platform, you should always try to find out good captions and add it with image or video to enhance its effect on the audience.

Good Instagram captions can make your photo or video reach more audience then you ever would’ve imagined.

Like this post? Share it with your friends!

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Ending the Article –

I have covered most of all the best Instagram captions with the suitability of your mood and environment. You will easily find your match and use all of them one by one to express your feelings in maximum ways possible.

That will also benefit you to stay different with your mood and words regularly.

So, go and try the Instagram captions to make Instagram feel that someone really cool exists on the platform.

Download WWE Mayhem MOD APK v1.21.129 (Unlimited Gold/Cash)

If you are a fan of WWE, you have to play WWE Mayhem (MOD Unlimited Gold/Cash, No hack detection, Ban bypass) now! WWE is a wrestling performance famous in the world. In it, the wrestlers fight each other very fierce that not follow a rule at all. Sometimes the wrestlers get out of the arena and also use items such as tables, chairs, ladders to smash opponent’s head. However, the truth is that these games are written in scripts, which means that they are the performances. Even as the performances, WWE still gives the viewer a thrilling, dramatic sensation. So it makes the viewers feel like watching a long action movie.

Getting ideas from WWE, Reliance Big Entertainment has developed and released WWE Mayhem, the latest awesome fighting game in their series. Previously, Reliance Big Entertainment was also known for producing fighting games only, and all of its high-quality products, including such names as Real Steel, Ultimate Robot Fighting and Super Pixel Heroes. ..

Fighting gameplay

WWE Mayhem has quite similar gameplay to previous games. In which players will be involved in the battles 1vs1 in the arena, fight and win to aim for the championship of the WWE. Character control is designed in the Touch & Sweep style, meaning that players only need to perform simple actions such as touching and swiping the screen to control their character to attack, defend and execute excellent skills. The skills of the characters are not the same, each character has a unique set of skills, not duplicate.

  • Click on the right side of the screen to attack
  • Swipe right to attack stronger
  • Swipe right and hold to perform skill
  • Click on the left to defend

At the bottom of the screen, there is a power bar, by attacking, you will make the energy bar filled. At this point, you can use the special skills of the character to finish the opponent. To win, only use the skills as guidance is not enough. You also have to know how to combine them to form a continuous combo, prevent opponents from attack, or you will be beaten in a flash.

Besides, in Versus mode you can build your own team and challenge your friends. It will be a fun game that will make you and your friends excited.

Unlock all Superstars

When you defeat your opponent, you will receive rewards including support drinks, spinning tickets to unlock new superstars. The characters in the game are called Superstar with the different indexes. This character system is extremely diverse with real-life graphics. There are 6 different classes in the game. Each has certain advantages and disadvantages. Character classes include TECHNICIAN, BRAWLER, HIGH FLYER, POWERHOUSE, SHOWMAN & WILDCARD. You can catch up with some famous wrestlers such as AJ Styles, John Cena, The Rock. Not all, Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar, Roman Reign, Triple H, and WWE legend Undertaker.

Arcade graphics

Regarding graphics, WWE Mayhem has created an excellent appeal for gamers when it comes to choosing their Arcade style. This is a fun styling design, simplifying the details and just keep the characteristics of each character in the game only. But do not worry, you can still recognize your idols thanks to your unique details.

The great graphics of this game transform the fierce characters, the dangerous punches in the real-life punches into something easy to accept and fun. So the game does not limit the age too much.

Are you ready to download WWE Mayhem APK?

In short, If you love WWE games or fighting games, maybe WWE Mayhem APK is the best choice for you at the moment. You can join in the game and then beat all the wrestlers in there to win the championship. And before you are champion; you have to download WWE Mayhem latest version via the links below, the game has the versions for both iOS & Android.

Avg Cleaner Pro APK Download for Android Latest

Hey, Are you looking for AVG Cleaner Pro APK then you are just in the place where you can get your AVG Pro APK free of cost & %100 working.

Do, You know about that AVG is the best Antivirus & a Security free for your Android mobile phone devices. There are many more Antivirus applications are available in the market or Google play store.

But as we compared all of the other anti-viruses apps like Avast Mobile Security Pro, MADTV & much more but do you know that what we found the right thing on this AVG Cleaner Pro APK this app has a piece of great detailed information about your phone.

It tells you which virus in your phone is running and you can remove it easily with one tap on remove virus.

And when I used that application, I fall in love with Avg pro because it has an excellent interface  & with the unique design, the layout is incredible.

There are two types of the versions available in the market one is the free version, and one is the paid version here you are getting this AVG Cleaner APK.

This is the Premium Version of AVG that you are getting it for free, Then what are you waiting for download now from the given link below.


  • AVG Cleaner PRO APK Download For Android
  • AVG Cleaner Pro APK Features
  • How To Install AVG Cleaner APK
  • Share this:

AVG Cleaner PRO APK Download For Android

Download AVG Cleaner PRO Apk for your Android mobile phone device.  AVG Cleaner Pro APK Download

AVG Cleaner Pro APK Features

Here the great features of AVG that no other Antivirus will provide you.

  • UI (User Interface)
  • You can also remove Preinstalled Apps (To Save Space on Your device)
  • Improve Performance of the device so, use the cleaner, delete cache, Junk & you can also identify which app is slowing your mobile phone device.
  • Battery Saver – With avg battery saver, you can save your battery with this feature.
  • You can also hibernate apps to run on the background apps; it will also help to save more battery.
  • And there is many more features are available in the avg cleaner pro apk you can also check them after installing the app on your device.

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How To Install AVG Cleaner APK

  1. First of all, you need to download AVG From above-given download link.
  2. Then after downloading the app on your chrome or any other browser.
  3. You need to tap on that app & it will show you a popup message.
  4. That Chrome needs permission to install AVG APK on your device.
  5. So, allow all the permissions & install the app.
  6. It will take 1-2 minutes to install the app.
  7. You’re done.
  8. Enjoy.

So, These are the basic steps to download & install the AVG APK on your android mobile phone device easily.


If you are a football lover then these two games are something you must have played on your Android device. One is FIFA  and another one is PES, there’s always has been a big competition between both of these. But one I like most is Pro Evolution Soccer known PES 2019 MOD APKfor Android.

Developers of PES has first time launched game for Android. Till now, developers were launching the game for Gaming consoles and PC. So this is the first time you will get the chance to download and play PES 2019 MOD APK on your Android device.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 MOD APK is Football(Soccer) Simulation game developed and published by PES Production for Gaming consoles including Xbox, PS4, PC and for Android. You can now, feel the real soccer player playing on the ground with this awesome game.


The Game is free to download and play on Android device but some of the built-in features of the game that is player items and extras. So in order to unlock them, you need to play regularly to master the game so you can complete the levels but if you are like me who don’t like to wait, then there’s something for you which PES 2019 MOD APK.

Today, I’ll give you download link to PES 2019 MOD APK + OBB DATA file and installation details. Make sure you read the Installation details carefully so you won’t face any errors while installing the game on your Android device. Let’s have look how the game looks like and some important features of the game.


  • Download PES 2019 MOD APK
  • Download OBB here
  • PES 2019 MOD APK Overview
    • Features of PES 2019 MOD APK
    • More about PES 2019
    • PES 2019 MOD APK Quick Description
  • How to install PES 2019 MOD APK on Android
    • Final Words

Download PES 2019 MOD APK


Download OBB here

DOWNLOAD    [Total: 1    Average: 5/5]

PES 2019 MOD APK Overview

PES 2019 MOD APK is an Android game that simulates soccer. PES 2019’s amazing Moments function is set to be the forefront of its advanced gameplay. Konami has released that the International Champions Cup before the season begins has been delivered, and they also introduced a that they will improve negotiation machine and budget control.

They also introduced resell and smooth sheet alternatives in order that method is wanted not handiest on the pitch however also with membership management. Eleven new ability tendencies have been introduced, consisting edge flip, loop control, no-look pass, dipping shot, and rising shot, on the way to improve player’s uniqueness.

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They have additionally introduced that player individuality has been taken to the following stage, where skills and strengths are more prominent in impact and movement throughout gameplay.

Features of PES 2019 MOD APK

  • Enjoy the award-winning graphics and gameplay and fit excitement from the console on mobile.
  • PES 2019 MOD APK is the latest android match engine has been ported seamlessly to Android devices, which means that the strength of soccer is finally something you could maintain in the palm of your hand.
  • There are more than 8,000+ participant animations to the team characteristic ability styles, and even the joys of taking up your opponent–everything is similar.
  • The game improved ball physics create an unpredictable and enjoyable in a match in of exceptional intensity.
  • You’ll also discover that player personalities are extra wonderful than ever before, way to the addition of the latest abilities, playstyles, and goal celebrations.
  • What’s more, given by UNREAL ENGINE 4 will let you live and breathe each magical moment of the lovely game with an unheard of degree of visible fidelity and smoother participant animations.
  • You can also play with your friends and struggle towards the sector in PES 2019 MOD APK.
  • Play in opposition to pals and customers all around the globe in an expansion of approaches with PES 2019.
  • The battle against a pal in “Local Match” mode face to face for an excessive 1v1 enjoy or make a set of friends to create your personal event with “Local League” mode.
  • Never let distance get in the manner of a good friendly rivalry ever once more, as “Friend Match” mode lets in you to speedy and effortlessly soar into a match with any person for your friend listing.
  • When you experience geared up to take on the world, you’ll be capable of challenging all customers with “Online Match” mode of PES 2019 MOD APK.
  • Prepare your team for the global challenge by means of taking part in weekly activities where you may be able to win special kinds of rewards, allowing you to teach your teams and vie for world dominance.

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More about PES 2019

  • The best part is New League Licenses has been added
  • True licenses of 12 new leagues from the whole world had been implemented in-game.
  • From Europe, the Russian league makes its debut as a PES-extraordinary, as well as leagues from Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Portugal, Scotland, and Turkey. New South American leagues have also been implemented, with Argentinian and Chilean leagues added.
  • Finally, the long-awaited J.LEAGUE from Japan has been added, along with Thai and Chinese leagues for Asia.

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PES 2019 MOD APK Quick Description

File namePES 2019 MOD APKVersion3.2.0Size49 MB + 1.29 GBUpdated on9 April, 2019Android4.1 and up

How to install PES 2019 MOD APK on Android

If you have downloaded the PES 2019 then its time to follow this installation details:

  1. Download the MOD APK of PES 2019
  2. Install the APK on your Android
  3. Enable “Unknown Sources” Option from the settings>security
  4. Extract the obb to the Android>obb>“jp.konami.pesam”
  5. Enjoy the game

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Final Words

If you have any doubt regarding installation or downloading PES 2019 MOD APK then comment below with your doubt. I will give the solution and if you are greate Football lover then PES 2019 is the game which must try.

How To Hide Chat In WhatsApp: Without Archive (No Root)

Almost everything related to WhatsApp is awesome but have you ever noticed that there is something which is off about WhatsApp and that is privacy. Many won’t accept this but WhatsApp has to work on our privacy and from that I mean they can simply come with hiding chat feature so we can hide our chats from snoopers.

Doesn’t that sound important? Just imagine your personal chats are being read by someone else, and you feel embarrassed in front of him or her. Now does it sounds like your cup of tea?

Till now, you may have seen hiding chats feature in Hike messenger, but today in this article I am going to show you the simplest method to hide chat in WhatsApp.

Most of the Android tricks requires root access, but this method doesn’t force you to root your Android. That sounds great already!

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Methods to hide chat in WhatsApp –

There are two different methods to hide chat in WhatsApp. You can read both of them and apply the one more compatible for you

Method 1:

In this method, I am going to use an App called GBWhatsApp. You may already know this App. It has hell lot of features which the original version fails to provide us. Let’s have a check on them.

Salient Features –

  • Download anyone’s story/status.
  • 1234+ themes.
  • Customizable fonts, header, chat screen, homepage etc.
  • You can send upto 90 images and a video of 900 Mb.
  • Can show fake last seen.
  • View photos without downloading it.

There are many features, but I had only included the best features.

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Steps to hide chat in WhatsApp –

1. First of all, take the backup of your chats from Settings > Chats > Backup.

2. Uninstall the original WhatsApp which is installed on your Android.

3. Now, Download & Install GBWhatsApp in your Android.  Download App

4. Do the Sign in the process by entering your number, name, and OTP.

5. Afterward, select the chat which you want to hide and click on the 3 vertical dots (options).

6. Select the “hide” option, and it will ask you to enter a pattern.

7. Create an excellent pattern.

8. That’s it, and you have successfully hidden the WhatsApp chat.

9. To open the chat, click on WhatsApp logo which is located on the top left corner.

10. Enter the pattern which you selected earlier.

11. It will show the list of hidden chats.

How To Unhide Chat –

To remove the chat from hidden mode follow the below steps.

1. Select the chat by holding it in the hidden mode.

2. Click on the 3 vertical dots (options).

3. Select the “Mark Chat as Visible” option.

4. It’s done, now your chat is back to normal mode.

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Method 2:

In this method, I am going to use the original WhatsApp and its newly launched feature.

Steps to hide chats in WhatsApp –

1. Firstly, open the WhatsApp and select the chat by holding it.

2. Click on “Archive Chat” option which is located on right corner of the screen.

3. Now the chat will be filtered in “Archived Chats” section.

4. Scroll down in WhatsApp chats, and there you will see an “Archived Chats” section.

5. Click on it, and you will be able to see your achieved/hidden chat.

How To Unarchive Chat –

1. Open the “Archived Chat” section.

2. Now open the chat which you want to unarchive.

3. Select the chat by holding it and choose the “Unarchive Chat” option.

4. As usual, the chat will go to the top of your WhatsApp screen.

These were the two methods to hide your WhatsApp chat in Android.

I have also found an another great App for your WhatsApp privacy. While traveling to a place or in a public place, we found many prying eyes which are very interested in peeping into our screen secretly.

But what if I say you can block those people from peeping into your screen?

Yes, it is possible by using an App called Privacy Screen. This App mainly focuses on protecting our privacy from those people. It has many features and supports Apps like WhatsApp. Facebook, Instagram etc.

Privacy Screen

It is only of 4 MB and it is rated 4.2 stars on Google Playstore.

Now you may be thinking how the App works? When you turn on the App, it will add a privacy shade on your screen. You can adjust the App to the specific part of the screen. If you are still confused then check the below screenshot to clear your doubts.

It will add a black shade in the sensitive information screen area, and no one except you will be able to read it. You can adjust the brightness from lowest to full.

Steps to use Privacy Screen –

1.  First of all, Download and Install Privacy Screen in your Android smartphone.  Download App

2. Open the App, and it will ask you to select the screen area, set according to your need.

3. Click on the 3 horizontal line (hamburger options).

4. From there you can set the screen area and brightness.

Video Tutorial –

Trick to Hide chat in WhatsApp works like Hike Messenger –

Yes, the above benefits can be also be taken in Hike Messenger. So, now all of your worries related to chat snooping on booth WhastApp and hike will be solved.

As far the tutorial is concerned, the particular features in GB WhatsApp is insipid from Hike itself.

Download Brawl Stars MOD APK Hack v18.104 (Unlimited Coins/Gems)

You must have played clash of clans and clash royal on your Android. And the same creator of the clash of clans and clash royal has made a new game named brawl stars. Although, the game is awesome but our mission is to give you brawl stars mod apk.

I really love Brawl Stars. It’s were given co-op in opposition to AI, clash royale pvp and a selection of crew as opposed to modes. There are two dozen heroes of a varying rarity but with the beneficial nature of the in-game rewards, grinding is only a matter of playing the brawl stars modded apk and it’s a FUN game.

Today I am gonna share you modded version of brawl stars for 2019 taken reference from techylist and I think you must download brawl stars hacked version to get unlimited gems and brawlers. Read the full post so that you don’t complain later, I can’t run this mod apk on my Android.


  • Download Brawl Stars Apk here
  • Download Brawl Stars Mod Apk here
  • Brawl Stars Mod Apk Overview
    • Features of Brawl stars mod apk
    • Brawl stars mod apk Gameplay
      • What I liked about the game is
    • Multiple game modes battle in brawl stars
      • What’s new in game
    • Brawl Stars Mod Apk easy gameplay
    • Graphics and sound in game
    • Brawl Stars Mod Apk quick description
  • How to download brawl stars hacked version on Android
    • Final Words

Download Brawl Stars Apk here


Download Brawl Stars Mod Apk here


Not able to download brawl stars normal apk or mod apk. Use this mirror link

Mirror    [Total: 19    Average: 3.9/5]

Brawl Stars Mod Apk Overview

Brawl Stars hack apk in my tech list is a free to play multiplayer mobile arena fighter/party brawler online game created but popular android gaming company Supercell. On June 14, 2017, Supercell introduced the game via a live stream video on YouTube. First, it was launched for iOS in the Canadian App Store then, June 15, 2017.

The game became made to be had in Canada, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway App Stores on January 19, 2018. On June 26, 2018, Game is released for Android.

On November 14, 2018, Supercell introduced its global launch on a YouTube stream. And finally on December 12th, 2018 game launched globally and now its, 2019 and game will improve more. But After 10 days, modded version of the game is ready and now going to share with you.

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Features of Brawl stars mod apk

  • Make team in 3v3 battles towards players from across the world
  • A fast-paced multiplayer struggle royale mode made for Android
  • Unlocked and new, powerful Brawlers – each with a signature assault and SUPER capability
  • Join New events and game modes each day
  • You can Battle solo or co-op in brawl stars mod apk for 2019
  • go to the top of the leaderboards in international and local rankings among your friends
  • You can join or begin your very own Club with fellow gamers to get new tips and tricks and war together
  • Customize your own Brawlers with unlockable skins
  • Player-designed maps provide hard new terrain to master

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Brawl stars mod apk Gameplay

In Brawl Stars mod apk, players are ranked according to their level and overall trophies. Players collect brawlers and pick one to use each game. Brawlers are available six rarity kinds: League Rewards, Rare, Super Rare, Epic, Mythic and Legendary. Proper use of technology and effects are there in the game.

There are currently 22 unlocked brawlers in brawl stars mod apk, which includes eight League Reward Brawlers, 3 Rare Brawlers, 3 Super Rare Brawlers, 3 Epic Brawlers, Mythic Brawlers, and 3 Legendary Brawlers. I would name this mod as 2019 megamod apk.

Players get brawlers from Brawl Boxes, (except League Reward Brawlers, which can be achieved by gaining more and more trophies), which may be acquired from tokens or gemstones(Which you’ll get unlimited in this mod).

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What I liked about the game is

Big Boxes can be obtained with help of gemstones or 10 Star tokens (earned with the aid of triumphing the first suit in a map). Players can be part of clubs to play along with different players.

Brawl Stars mod apk from techlist affords six non-ticketed events (Bounty, Showdown, Gem Grab, Brawl Ball, Heist, Duo Showdown) and three available ticketed activities (Robo Rumble, Boss Fight and Big Game), totaling to nine particular game modes.

With the latest addition of event modifiers, which introduce unique mechanics to each of the non-ticketed events, players will locate over 30 awesome ways to play the game.

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Multiple game modes battle in brawl stars

  • Gem Grab (3 on 3): Team with 3 players and out-strategize the enemy team. Collect and preserve 10 gemstones to win, but get fragged and lose your gemstones, this is the main feature why this game is in my tech list moylen.
  • Showdown (Solo or Duo): A royale fight for survival. Collect power For your Brawler. Grab your friend or play solo – be the last Brawler standing within the rowdiest battle but. Winner takes all.
  • Bounty (3 on 3): Take out opponents to earn stars, but be aware as the can also pick you off. The most stars getting team will win the game in brawl stars modded apk of 2019 for android.
  • Heist (3 on 3): Protect your team’s safe and attempt to crack open your combatants’. Navigate the map to sneak, blast and blow your manner clear to the enemies treasure.
  • Brawl Ball (3 on 3): It’s a whole new Brawl game. Show off your football/soccer skills and rating two dreams earlier than the other team. There are no red cards here in brawl stars mod apk.
    Special Events: Limited time special PvE and PvP recreation modes in apk tech of brawl stars.

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What’s new in game

  • New Legendary and my personal favorite Brawler, Leon.
  • Leon is quick brawler along with stealthy and deadly up close
  • Leon’s Super lets in him to head invisible for a few moments
  • Full 3d environments in brawl star mod apk
  • Beautiful and dynamic environments for your Brawling enjoy
  • Responsive gameplay and controls lead this hack in my  gaming techlist

Brawl Stars Mod Apk easy gameplay

The functions of Brawl Stars Mod Apk turn out to be more awesome as you play the game regularly and reach to the depth of the game. When you’ll understand the game properly, you may be capable to collect many other more points, elixirs; chips for unlocking brawler items and several other things very easily without giving any effort.

The best thing I liked about the game is that it will let you create groups with different players for your crew so you can share plans, war strategies as well as techniques with each other in the group.

But the most important feature is you will be capable of play this game in single and multiplayer mode without any problem. Thus, we cannot deny the reality that this game is a genuinely fantastic game which we can easily able to play on our Android devices.

Graphics and sound in game

Brawl Stars 2019 megamoda have made themselves a very new and exciting cartoonish character formation. Cartoon style with chibi brawler is very cute. There are numerous maps with distinctive limitations which might be appropriate for battles that require a number of flexibilities and strategies.

Besides, the very cheering background song along with the sound created when each shot or punch is fascinating(awesome effect of technology), lovely to the participant and produce the very best battle possible. This is the main reason I suggest you download brawl stars mod apk on your Android.

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Brawl Stars Mod Apk quick description

FileNameBrawl Stars Mod Apkversionv18.104Size80MbDeveloperSupercellPopularity4.6 Stars

How to download brawl stars hacked version on Android

  1. All you have to do is uninstall any previous version of brawl stars
  2. Make sure you attached your account with google play
  3. Download the Brawl stars mod apk from this link below
  4. Install the game and enjoy.

I hope you don’t s face any problem but if so then follow this video to play this modded version:

Final Words

The game crossed 5 Million downloads within the first week of launch on play store. You can assume how awesome this game will be. If you didn’t have played this game yet, you must download this megamod game.

I hope you downloaded the hacked version of the brawl stars correctly without any problem and if you face any problem while downloading or installing the game just let me know through comments below. I am always there for you guys.

6 Best Game Hacking Apps For Android 2019 (Best Game Hackers)

Game Hacking Apps – In today’s era when people have become so modern and tech savvy, it’s hard to hear that people still don’t own a smartphone and most of them use it for playing games.

Isn’t that true? No task in this world is impossible if you have got a full fledged Smartphone in your hand.

Having said that, this is also true that Smartphone has now become the primary source of entertainment in the world.

But what is the thing which people of every age group loves? That’s gaming.

People like playing games on their Android phones, and the best part is that they play it with full of dedication and interest.

They don’t like any kind of disturbance in it. The biggest threat here is the advertisements and some customs.

They are awful, they sometimes completely kills the feeling of rush, excitement, and fun when you are at the peak point of your gaming experience.

So, don’t you think that you should play such games where you can easily avoid the pop-ups and Ads?

So, what if I say you can edit them by some game hacking applications? Don’t believe me? Yes, this is a unique article and different topic on which I’m going to discuss today.

I am going to discuss a must needed thing called editing the games.

Yes, guys in this post we are going to learn that how you can edit your games by using game hacking Apps. It’s been a while we shared any hacking tricks. And using these Apps for your fun is quiet simple. You don’t have to be a a member of best game hackers in the world to sue these Apps.

Today, in this article I have shared the top 6 game hacking Apps which are completely free to use, and by using them, you can hack any offline game within few clicks. Let’s take a look at some game hacking Apps here.

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All of the below mentioned Apps needs Root access, so if your Android smartphone is not rooted, then you check this guide to root your Android device.

Because without Rooting tweaking in any game will become impossible including the Applications which are mentioned in below.

Top 6 Game Hacking Apps –

Quick Navigation [hide]

  • Top 6 Game Hacking Apps –
    • #1 Creehack –
    • Features –
  • Version Info –
    • #2 Sb game hacker APK –
    • Features –
  • Version Info –
    • #3 Game Guardian –
  • Version Info –
    • #4 Game killer –
    • Features –
  • Version Info –
    • #5 LeoPlay Card –
    • Features –
  • Version Info –
  • #6 Xmodgames –
  • Version Info –
  • Ending the Article –

#1 Creehack –

If you’re a die hard fan of video games and you even like to play it on your Android device too, then this application is just the perfect one for you.

The Creehack Apk lets you to play all the video games in your Rooted android phone.

It won’t only allow you to play your game with every feature without paying, but also will give you lots of coins and token money for that and the best part is, you will enjoy your game with all the features for which you generally have to pay.

So, It’s all win-win situation for you.

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Features –

1. You can get any in-app purchases for free by using it.

2. In-App purchases like remove ads, upgrade to pro, unlimited coin, hints, characters etc.

3. Root is not required to use this App.

4. Games like Cut the Rope, The Maze Runner, Vector, Soldiers of Glory etc, you can check the games which can hack by Creehack here.

Version Info –

App NameCreehackLast UpdatedOctober 29, 2018Android Version Requires5.0+Total Downloads40,00,000+App Size792 KBDeveloperCreehack Ltd.  Download App

#2 Sb game hacker APK –

If you are serious about your game and have that spirit of winning all the time, Sb game hacker Apk the best thing you can ever get.

It will help you to collect all the coins and maximize your life in the game so that you can play it even better.

There are no limitations in increasing coins or winning the game, so the Application deserves a try.

Also, it will also assist you in ignoring all those advertisements and restrictions to give you a better gaming experience.

Same with the advertising, its lets you completely finish the ads and provides you smooth and disturbance free gaming experience.

Features –

1. These can hack almost every online games like Clash of Clans, Hay Day etc.

2. Free to use, you don’t have to pay a single penny in order to use this App.

3. It will help you to get unlimited money, lives, gold, gems etc.

4. It has an option of search which allows us to hack any particular part of the game.

And lots of other features as well.

Version Info –

App NameSB Game HackerLast UpdatedAugust 9, 2018Android Version Requires5.0+Total Downloads30,000,000+App Size970 kbDeveloperSB Group  Download App

#3 Game Guardian –

Perhaps, the most underrated game hacking App which is not widely known but it definitely works. The App lets you tweak your scores, coins, gold, money, points etc.

It has a system of numeric value which lets you put your desired value which you need to increase or decrease and helps you for the same.

Tweaking your scores as per your needs is extremely easy in this App.

This App has a search box where you need to put the value and proceed further according to your needs.

The change in scores is not limited to any extent, and it can be increase or decrease to any number.

Version Info –

App NameGame Guardian ApkLast UpdatedMay 19, 2018Android Version Requires2.3+Total Downloads54,000,000+App Size33 mbDeveloperGame Guardian  Download App

#4 Game killer –

Again, a perfect app for video game lovers to experience it better. It will help you to modify the gems, coins, and many other features which a video game has. But only for the free ones.

If you’re looking for something which can give you an experience of a paid video game for free, this isn’t the one for you.

Also, it is compatible with many versions of Android, so it won’t be difficult for you to use it if you have an old version phone.

Features –

1. You can hack almost every offline games by using Game killer.

2. It supports Android 2.3 and later.

3. You can hack online as well as offline games too.

4. It has the similar to abilities like to the above game hacking Apps, and it can hack games like racing, adventure, sports, arcade, casual etc.

Version Info –

App NameGame KillerLast UpdatedJanuary 14, 2018Android Version Requires2.3+Total Downloads40,00,000+App Size500 KBDeveloperGame Killer  Download App

#5 LeoPlay Card –

It is very similar to creehack. It will also give a better experience for playing an Android video game for free.

All you need to do is just to download it for free and then can experience a video game with all the paid features without even buying.

It is one of the most recommended App as it doesn’t require rooting like other apps. So, if you’re a video game lover, this is a must for you.

Features –

1. Just like Creehack this game also doesn’t requires root access.

2. Can hack the games which are not supported in freedom App.

3. Bypass any in-app purchase and App payment even without paying a single penny.

4. No professional or hacking skills needed.

And many more…  Download App

Version Info –

App NameLeoplay CardLast UpdatedMarch 5, 2018Android Version Requires2.3+Total Downloads7,00,000+App Size1.37 mbDeveloperLeo

#6 Xmodgames –

Xmodgames is a great Application for hacking games, modern games to be precise. The game only runs on Rooted Android smartphones.

Xmodgames doesn’t only increase the scores or coins, but it even can tweak levels, powers of characters and can tweak with inner game features.

The Xmodgames Apk is best known for tweaking games like Clash of Clans, Pokemon Go, Clash of Kings, Subway Surfer, Minecraft PE, Clash Royale etc.

The Application is designed to be compatible with everyone that’s why it supports multiple languages like English, Russian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Overall, if you’re looking for an Application which can enhance your gaming experience to a new height than your first choice should be Xmodgames.

Version Info –

App NameXmod GamesLast UpdatedMarch 5, 2018Android Version Requires2.3+Total Downloads40,00,000+App Size9.6 mbDeveloperXmod  Download Xmodgames

These were the best game hacking Apps which I think are the best to hack app data.

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Ending the Article –

I must say all the game hacking Apps mentioned in the article are amazing in their own ways, each and every one of them has all the age groups would love great features to pass your time and the in particular games. Gaming needs passion which is not bounded by Age.

It comes from inside if you have that child still alive in you the games are made to amaze you only.

In addition, I would like to tell you that you can download hacked games [better known as “Modded version] of that particular game to enjoy all features for free.

What are you waiting for? Just pick your right App for the type of game you want to play and let’s take an incredible journey of gaming. Go and grab it.

So, hence was the Article on game hacking Apps for Android devices. Hope you liked the post. Feel free to comment your reviews in the comment box.

Top 10 Android Spy Apps – Best Android Spy Reviews

Review: Top 10 Android Spy Apps – Best Android Spy Reviews

There is a huge competition between best android spy app, the hacking apps in the market and moreover regarding technology, content, and usability of apps. Thus TheTruthSpy takes the lead by defeating all its competitors and it’s because TheTruthSpy app works with a lot of integrity with a whole lot promises. Unlike other hacking apps which makes false promises and ultimately leave everyone down. There is a huge rise of the hacking apps in the market and thus people of all races are working day and night in making those apps. But TheTruthSpy takes the lead leading all the odds of hacking the apps. Therefore best android spy app is TheTruthSpy and people are excessively using it without fail.

Review: Top 10 Android Spy Apps – Best Android Spy Reviews

The ten hacking apps which made an impact on the market are as follows – TheTruthSpy app, HighsterMobile, Flexispy, GuestSpy, Phone sheriff, Toreimaspy, Skyliomonitor Spy, HackThe world spy app, Spytheneighourspy app, Kohanim spy.

  • Top 1: TheTruthSpy
  • Top 2: HighsterMobile
  • Top 3: Flexispy
  • Top 4: GuestSpy
  • Top 5: Phone sheriff
  • Top 6: Toreimaspy
  • Top 7: Skyliomonitor Spy
  • Top 8: HackThe world spy app
  • Top 9: Spytheneighourspy app
  • Top 10: Kohanim spy

#1 TheTruthSpy

Website: http://thetruthspy.com

TheTruthSpy is often considered as the best spying tool in the market. Moreover the claim is right as well; as no double TheTruthSpy is the best spying tool as it provides a paramount protection to every user. The app features are very sophisticated and delicate. In fact it’s designed in such a manner that person of any age can easily use it without any external help. The app is often awarded many prizes and it has been awarded as the best hacking software in the market.

The company laid down its existence in the late 20th century and with time it has advanced regarding technology and content. People belonging to all new races and community started using TheTruthSpy. Thus the app finally was able to make an embarking chapter in the history of hacking.

The app provides paramount security, reliable security; secure breaching into systems and a whole lot instruction to help hacker to go through the process. TheTruthSpy app doesn’t make false claims or promise and always stand to its words. There has been not a single case where any client has ever been exposed by TheTruthSpy security lines. The App provides a series of features which are available in the other apps too. But the other apps don’t provide that paramount security that is essential for the protection the apps. The app is often come as the ranked one spying app in the Google search result and thus making the app as the supreme technological app regarding every dimension. The app is listed ranked by the hacker society of the USA; TheTruthSpy is the only app which works legally. Thus best android spy has 24/7call center service and every call in answered without fail. Moreover the app ensures security of its every user which not likely to be seen in other hacking apps. The app is the best of all the apps in the markets and is the most trustful medium of communication.

You can also get more detailed information in the table below – check all the application’s major features and options and compare their potential. Make an informed and considerate decision by picking the one that suits your needs best. RANK 1 2 3 45678910

  • Excellent
  • Very Good
  • Good
  • Average
  • Poor
  • Bad

Highster MobileFlexiSpyGuestSpyPhone sheriffToreimaspySkyliomonitor spyHack the world spy appSpytheneighourKohanimVisit WebSiteGOReviewFEATURESMulti OS Support 

Android, iPhoneiPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows MobileAndroid, BlackBerry, Android, Windows MobileAndroid, iPhoneAndroid, iPhoneAndroid, iPhone, BlackBerry Android, iPhoneAndroid, iPhone Android, iPhone Android, iPhoneFREE (For GPS Tracker) 

Live Audio Streaming 

Hidden Call Recording 

SPY on Calls 


Instant Messages 

 BBM, Facebook, WhatsAPP, PIN, SKYPE, LINE, Viber, WeChat, Hangouts, Yahoo Messenger, Snapchat, KIK, Telegram, Tinder and iMessage BBM, Facebook, WhatsAPP, PIN, SKYPE, LINE, Viber, WeChat, Hangouts, Yahoo Messenger, Snapchat, KIK, Telegram, Tinder and iMessageSkype, Gtalk, BBM, WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook, Viber, WeChat, YahooSkype, Viber, WhatsApp, iMessage, FacebookWhatApp, Facebook, iMessage, SMS, Viber, Skype, SnapChat, Yahoo, Google hangoutInstagram, WhatsApp, Kik Messenger BBM, Facebook, WhatsAPP, PIN, SKYPE, LINE, Viber, WeChat, Hangouts, Yahoo Messenger, Snapchat, KIK, Telegram, Tinder and iMessageSkype, WhatsApp, BlackBerry Chat Logging, Viber, Line, KIK, etc. iMessage, Pin Messages, Snapchat, Viber, Skype, Line, Facebook Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, iMessage, FacebookControl Apps 

Remote Control 


 Contact form, Ticket system, E-mailPhone, Email ,Contact form, Live chatPhone, Email ,Contact form, Live chatPhone, Email ,Contact form, Live chatContact form, Ticket systemPhone, Email ,Contact form E-mail, phonePhone, Ticket system E-mail, Ticket system Contact form, Helpdesk:Ticket system

Thus The Top Android Spy Apps are as follows –

  • 1st is TheTruthSpy- best android spy TheTruthSpy app leads all the other spying apps. TheTruthSpy apps lead all the other apps by performing better in every dimension of hacking into other systems. TheTruthSpy was the first spying app. In fact it’s the pioneer of all the hacking apps. TheTruthSpy brought the entire system of hacking. The main intention of TheTruthSpy was to spy on the spouse. The hidden intention behind the making of the software was to protect the people who were facing infidelity in their relationship with their spouse.
  • Highster Mobile- Highster mobile app was the second the app which was used in the hacking. It came into existence a lot later of truth spy yet the impact it made over the people was very massive. Other than TheTruthSpy, it managed to outshine the protection level of all the other spying apps. Highster too provides immense security to its users and protect from foreign invasion. The foreign invasion can be of any kind, regarding malware or virus that is working against the system programming.
  • Flexispy– Flexispy comes 3rd in the row when comes to hacking into other systems. The security level of protecting the users from foreign invasion and on the other hand protecting the user as well is the top quality of the app. The flexible is good but it isn’t better than TheTruthSpy or the higher and that’s why it obtained the 3rd position in the lead.
  • GuestSpy– ikeymonitor is the 4th best hacking tool in the market. Although due to the popularity of the truth say and other succeeding apps it’s not considered that great hacking tool. People buy it. It is mainly because it’s cheaper than other hacking tools. Therefore ikeymonitor is comparatively a cheaper medium to hack into someone’s account. Therefore it’s a more affordable app for people belonging to all walks of life.
  • Phone sheriff- Phonesheriff is again a competitive hacking tool in the market but it gets its setback regarding security. The phoneSheriff is cheap and so does its protection quality. It can easily help his user to hack into someone’s account but it doesn’t provide protection. It cannot hide the internet provider address and so does the other elements which are essential while hacking. PhoneSheriif is mostly used by people who are performing the hack just for the fun sake. There is no serious business involvement. Therefore people who wish to learn the hacking opt for the phone sheriff.
  • Toreimaspy- Toreima spy is a Japanese hacking company tool which makes hacking possible in the complete sector of Japan. But programmers with few tweaks managed to reprogram the app. But due to reprogramming the app is not as efficient as the other could be. Therefore people often advise not to use this app as it gets hanged in between the hacking and the person has to restart from the beginning of the hack. This software is not as great people assume it to be.
  • Skyliomonitor spy– skyliomonitor spy app is very popular in the France. The people all over the place use this app without hesitation. Since the government has stopped the internet providers not to let people use malicious software, therefore either spying apps are not available in the France. Therefore being very popular in France it doesn’t come up with the best apps in the world.
  • Hack the world spy app– Hack the world spy app is again a German-based spying app which was made to keep an eye. Later it was turned into spying over people’s spouses and later peoples of all walks of life managed to hack into the outside worlds with the help of the hack the world spy app.
  • Spytheneighour spy app– Spy the neighbor app was again turned very popular daring its launch in the market. The app was available at a very low price and people stated buying. Later it was found that the app made a lot of false promises which ultimately reduced its status in the app running race. The app is even today used because of its aesthetic and the beautiful design of it.
  • Kohanim spy – Koaenam spy comes last in the ranking as it can spy but it comes along with a whole lot of issues. It doesn’t give enough protection to the system, nor can it protect the identity of the user. Therefore today it’s given in a freeware manner. People belonging to any race or place can download and use it on its risk. This is because the app has a whole lot of issues that need to be taken care of.

The features of Android Spy app are endless which are mentioned below–

The features of Android Spy app

TheTruthSpy being the pioneer of the hacking software provides supreme security. Every user whosoever registered with TheTruthSpy has never been let down. The app is the idol of every other app ever made for the hacking the system.

  • Hidden Call recorder – People can easily make clear call between two recipients who make the call. Unlike other spying apps, TheTruthSpy makes clear undisrupted calls which help people to gain evidence.
  • GPS tracking– GPS tracking again is a great tool through which one can easily know the location of the person without their knowledge.
  • Chats spying– Reading chats are again very common feature provided in every hacking tool, but what makes TheTruthSpy is its comprehensive features.
  • Block services- Unlike other tools, TheTruthSpy can even block the current features or services of the mobile it has hacked.
  • Call logs details– One of the other great features of TheTruthSpy is that it can easily see the details of other mobiles. All the call logs which occurred between the two recipients can be easily known to the user.
  • Program access– The Truth not just hacks into someone’s account but also can modify programming of the system. Unlike other apps, these features are only available in TheTruthSpy
  • Message reading – The apps easily grant access to the messaging block of the mobile without fail and unlike other spying apps which use a very extensive and long method. TheTruthSpy can do that same thing with few clicks.
  • Instantaneous correspondence- The app instantly replies back to every minute activity occurred in the system and thus helps the hacker to know about every minute movements of the user.
  • Protection from intrusion – TheTruthSpy protects from every sort of intrusion. From every spy or spam it protects its users.

The other includes top 10 android spy which is very heinous but at the same time very helpful. The users can easily view the entire gallery and access the photographs. TheTruthSpy is the best in processing this step and can easily view a whole lot of photographs and videos in a fraction of seconds. Thus these astounding features make TheTruthSpy as the leading hacking tool available in the market. The person can even easily access the browsing history of the person. Thus the browsing history grants a whole lot of information about the victim and his choices and actual interest in life. Another aspect is the social network monitoring. The app allows users to monitor 24/7 into the social activity of another person.

How to use Top Android Spy TheTruthSpy

Step 1: Download & Install TheTruthSpy on Target Device you want monitor.

For Android

For iPhone

Step 2: Login or Register New Account include Email and Password

Step 2: Login or Register New Account include Email and Password

Step 3: Hide Icon if you want Hidden & Undetectable

Step 3: Hide Icon if you want Hidden & Undetectable

Step 4: Visit Control Panel my.thetruthspy.com and login with Email and Password registered at Target Device. You will see all tracking datas include GPS, SMS, Call, WhatsApp, Facebook and more.

TheTruthSpy Control Panel

Final or the gist of the about the spy apps or the best android spy review

Final or the gist of the about the spy apps or the best android spy review

TheTruthSpy leads the race of hacking. Every amateur of an expert relies on TheTruthSpy over hacking into others accounts. People from all varied and walk of life trust TheTruthSpy. Unlike other apps which lack in provided utmost security to its users, the correct way of life-style and many more other features which are essential for the growth in the hacking world. TheTruthSpy is the pioneer. Every hack that is done by this app is considered faster and better than most of the apps available. TheTruthSpy is the no doubly thus the leading spying tool available in the market.

TheTruthSpy is the android spy who rules the hacking market as its best in every element in hacking and making every hacker dream come true. It is not just good in hacking into other accounts but also providing a whole lot of protection without fail. There is an endless number of complaints that are filed against every other hacking app but TheTruthSpy makes it to the top without fail. The other hacking tools are also not reliable; in fact in their agreement they rightly mention that any breach of security or going against federal law is not their responsibility. It’s taken to be user’s responsibility. The company doesn’t provide any legal protection. On the other hand the Truth say does provide a whole lot of legal protection for the user.

Thus before the user can hack, TheTruthSpy ensures the sign-up procedure. The sign-up procedure includes the legitimate details about the user and the victims as well. Therefore TheTruthSpy works in a much legal manner. Therefore its necessary that we pay immense amount of focus while building the truth spy app making. People from all walks of life participate in the making of this immense tool of hacking and thus making this app as the supreme app of hacking. The truth spy therefore considered as the best hacking app in all the terms of breaching security.

Call of Duty: Mobile APK + DATA v1.0.2 Beta for Android

Call of Duty is one of the top FPS game brands in the world, besides other games like Battlefield, Brothers in Arms, … With the war theme, the game is inspired by the image of the soldiers on the battlefield, glorious victories or even the sacrifices of the soldiers.

There are quite a few games named Call of Duty in the mobile gaming market, but these games do not give players the best experience because they are not the official version.

Recently, Activision has decided to move into the mobile market when it announced via Variety that will cooperate with Tencent to develop a Call of Duty mobile game called Legends of War. Currently, the alpha version of the game is being tested in China, players need to use Chinese IP to register Call of Duty: Mobile. Perhaps they want to improve the issue and create a stable version before releasing it globally.

Become a great soldier

Main screen of CoD Mobile

In Call of Duty: Mobile, you become a soldier and engage in the most realistic battle in mobile. With the fierceness of the war, you need to fight, defeat enemies to gain life for yourself and your teammates. HUD of the game still uses the familiar MFI style of FPS games with virtual navigation keys on the left and some function keys on the right. If you like, you can change the HUD in Settings.

Like the PC / Console version, the game brings you the classic modes of Call of Duty such as Team Deathmatch, Frontline, and some other modes. Challenge other players around the world, join together in the most devastating war on mobile. Besides the modes, Call of Duty: Mobile also has some maps for optional players like Natuown, Crash and Hijacked. What is good news? Zombies mode has been available. You can choose either Campaign or Story mode.


As a soldier, weapons – guns are an indispensable friend on the battlefield. The firepower of the gun is important, but the most important is the skill of using it. Activision has updated many familiar weapons such as SMG, MG, Sniper, Rifle, etc. Not stop there, you can continue to upgrade and customize your favorite weapon, such as adding some kind of Scope like Red Dot, Hodo, or using some Supply, Drops such as silencer, bullet, etc.


Speaking of characters, you can choose the iconic characters of Call of Duty, including Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Ghosts. The game encourages you to develop your character by upgrading and unlocking Perks, Weapons, Skills or enhancing your character’s aesthetics with some color or skins. Create your own “Super Soldier”.

Great graphics quality

The game have the great graphics.

I can’t deny this. Call of Duty: Mobile uses Unreal Engine 4 graphics technology, giving you a great visual experience. Through the above images, it can be seen that the graphics of this game quite similar to PUBG Mobile – famous survival game of Tencent. Perhaps that Tencent has given Activision “borrowed” their graphics? Buildings, trees, tanks, helicopters, … are designed to resemble real battles in the past. Besides, the effects of bombs and sound effects make the battle even more fierce.


Owning the well-known Call of Duty brand, it can be said that Call of Duty: Mobile is the best shooter game on mobile. Hopefully, the game will achieve much success in 2019 as PUBG Mobile has done.